Philosophy and Objectives


We believe that God is sovereign and the source of all truth. Christ is God with us and without Him we have no access to God the Father. The Holy Spirit indwells us and instructs us in all wisdom. Therefore, Faith Christian School exists to develop the whole child by providing a Christian worldview. We desire to lead each student to the knowledge that absolute truth exists in the person of Jesus Christ as found in God’s Word. (John 14:6, 17:17). Faith Christian School equips each student with the skills necessary to be all that God intends them to be. Enrollment in Faith Christian School will be limited to families where parents and students have a personal relationship with and a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Faith Christian School gives a totally varied and beneficial curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences that stressed on character development based on Christianity and also academic excellence. Students are motivated to learn right type of living.

From preschool to 12th grade the child moves developmentally through a Biblically based, comprehensive, integrated and college preparatory course of study. The basic foundational skills such as language, reading, writing and mathematics are taught directly and intensively in a systematic, process-oriented format using multi-sensory methods to accommodate various learning styles. The material is ordered in a way that allows time for deeper study, reflection, and mastery and is presented using a wide variety of teaching methods that encourage the learner to respond and participate. This personal interaction around vital content makes learning meaningful, enjoyable, and lasting.

Subjects are taught from a point of view which is from the bible’s point of view and blended across disciplinary lines relating information in its real context so the student is able to make the necessary connections that lead to true understanding, wisdom, and ultimately right living.